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A fabulous wall clock with strong German and Italian influence as interpretated by an Amish Artisan


  • Hand made out of solid cherry wood. The model shown is finished in a hand rubbed medium brown satin fiish
  • Four hand turned spindles adorn the top and bottom of the clock
  • Gracefully turned 19" spindles frame a 6 1/2" brass lyre pendulum presented in the open wag style
  • Sixteen (16) hand turned spidles adorn the top of an impressive base which is nearly 9" high including the bottom finial
  • Gracefully hand cut side panels with oval glass panel openings complete the elegance of this fine time piece
  • The door framing the dial has hand turned pillars on each side and sculptured top and bottom panels.  This surrounds a heavy metal dial that is heavily embossed and has raised metal corner spandrels and raised arabic numerals
  • A German full Westminster chime mehanical movement with grandmother style back mounted chime block produces a rich melodious quarter hour sound as well as the hour strike
  • Two year warranty

DIMENSIONS: 60"H X 15.5"W X10" D


SKU: 314M323
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