• Very attractive contemporary looking wall clock with a round brushed aluminiu 10" wide dial with an inner dial (5.5") and a swinging pendulum held by a rectangular brushed aluminium frame
  • Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the Stoneybrook Clock Company, this clock is made of all brushed aluminium and clear coated for lasting beauty
  • The black clock hands provide a sharp contrast to the brushed aluminium dial
  • The dramatic looking pendulum is 10" long and has a 3" brushed aluminium bob
  • The frame that holds the clock is made of square 1/2" heavy gauge brushed aluminium tube held together by aluminium brackets
  • High quality quartz clock movement requires one "AA" battery (not included)
  • Item is signed by the design artist
  • A very nice looking clock that can grace any contemporary living room
  • Dimensions: 22" long X 10" wide X 2.5" deep

Contempo 5

SKU: QM 62

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