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An exquisite reproduction of a European style regulator clock. The round top of the case makes it more of a formal regulator.


  • Handcrafted solid cherry case with a hand rubbed satin varnish finish made in Wisconsin.
  • Olive ash burl sides gives the clock a dramatic look.
  • Features a baked enamel dial – Roman numerals and a sweep second hand and solid brass surround.
  • Grandfather style German mechanical weight driven (time) and spring driven (chime) movement with back mounted chime rods and strong case construction.
  • Full door glass and glass side panels.
  • The Westminster chime movement features an automatic night shut off and European style push rod controls for night-off and chime control switch.
  • Long lyre brass pendulum with a large 5” bob and matching weight shells and brass highlighted chime rods completes the elegance of this fine clock.
  • Two-year warranty.

Dimensions: 46 H * 16”W * 9 ¼” D


SKU: 314M322
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